Category: Airtightness

Building Science Soup

Download Article Building science is well established in many parts of the world including Europe, Canada and the US. However building science terminology varies between all countries, even those where the specialisation is just emerging among the fields of architecture, engineering and construction. New Zealand…

A Bridge Over Troubled Moisture

Previous article on metal back pans investigated the likelihood of creating condensation behind metal back pans on the outside of insulated apartment walls. The intent of the article was to highlight the failure of vapour impermeable sheathing materials in managing moisture in the building envelope….

Hunting for Air Leaks

The Blower Door test is a tried-and-true technique of measuring the air leakage rate of a building with confidence. It is so reliable, repeatable and universally comparable that building codes around the world require them by law. They offer the ability to sum up the…

Achieving Airtightness

Often when you see a job well done, you want to point to it as an example. At the Green Building Council of Australia’s recent workshop Tackling Air Tightness, there were several examples of projects that we could point to and say, “this is how…

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