• Predict the risk of moisture accumulation in building designs
  • Calculate the hygrothermal performance of roof and wall assemblies different climate zones
  • Assess the drying time of masonry with trapped construction moisture
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  • Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd is the Corporation Partner of Fraunhofer IBP

WUFI® (Wärme und Feuchte instationär) is a software family which allows realistic calculation of the transient coupled one and two dimensional heat and moisture transport in multi-layer building components exposed to natural weather.
It is based on the newest findings regarding vapour diffusion and liquid transport in building materials and has been validated by detailed comparison with measurements obtained in the laboratory and on IBP’s outdoor testing field.

A new condensation and water vapour management section was included in NCC 2019 for commercial buildings. This requires the risks associated with water vapour and condensation to be managed to minimise its impact on occupants such as mould and structural integrity.

Moisture management starts at the design phase with proper material selection. A new verification pathway is likely to allow for modelling that assesses the outdoor weather conditions, indoor conditions and material selection.

 WUFI® is the ideal tool.


WUFI® Professionals
All designs should be verified for their performance over time to protect the health of the occupants and their financial investment. There are many qualified WUFI® professionals around Australia who can assist you on your project.
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See upcoming training and events if you or members of your team would like to become qualified WUFI® professionals.



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