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A Bridge Over Troubled Moisture

Previous article on metal back pans investigated the likelihood of creating condensation behind metal back pans on the outside of insulated apartment walls. The intent of the article was to highlight the failure of vapour impermeable sheathing materials in managing moisture in the building envelope….

Why Do Adhesives Stick?

Adhesive tapes: how do they work, what should they be able to do, and what can they do? Adhesive tapes are used as bonding aids in a wide range of applications in the creation of airtight building envelopes. Several hundred meters of tape is often…

Is Non-Combustibility Good for your Health?

In the wake of Grenfell tower disaster in London, an out of cycle amendment was made to the building code to increase fire safety of façade systems. A new provision was included in March 2018 to combine a series of requirements and concessions for non-combustible…

High R-Value Structures

With increasing demand for high performance housing in Australia people are seeking R-values that exceed the limit to which a 90mm stud cavity can facilitate (maximum R2.5 – R2.7 glasswool). The increasing uptake of passive house and/or utilisation of passive house concepts is driving people…

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