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For winter building site conditions, an appropriate hydrosafe value is important. The hydrosafe value specifies how well sealed a humidity-variable vapour control layer still is at an average humidity of 70%. Average humidity of 70% will be present if there is 90% indoor air humidity and 50% humidity in the space between the rafters/studs. For example, these values could be present while walls are being plastered or screed is being installed.

According to the 70/7.5 rule, a hydrosafe value of MVTR = 7.5 [MNs/g] is sufficient to keep the increased humidity that results from construction work out of the building's structure and insulation layer.

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Figure 1. Adhering to the 60/10 and 70/7.5 rules ensures a
high potential freedom from structural damage for
thermal insulation in new buildings and during construction.

INTELLO® has a hydrosafe value of 10 [MNs/g], significantly above the requirement of MVTR = 7.5 [MNs/g]. However, the hydrosafe value should not be over 13 [MNs/g], as otherwise the drying of moisture that has penetrated into a structure in an unforeseen manner can be hindered. This should not be confused with an external building wrap or rigid air barrier that are required to be <7 [MNs/g] ie. more vapour open than the internal vapour control layer in a temperate, cool or cold climate.

pro clima's DB+ is the original humidity-variable vapour control layer. It was developed in the early 1990s and is similar to the natural performance of wood fibre which has a varying restriction to the passage of moisture depending on the humidity surrounding the fibre. The variable performance ensures a high level of moisture protection in buildings both during and after the construction phase. DB+ has been systematically refined to produce INTELLO®.

INTELLO® offers safety

INTELLO® ensures protection against structural damage. With its perfectly balanced diffusion profile, it ensures that structures will be particularly robust and reliable. In winter, INTELLO® has a very high diffusion resistance and provides optimal protection against structural damage and mould for insulation materials. In summer, it can become extremely permeable if necessary. In this way, moisture that has entered into a building component in an unforeseen manner can dry out again properly. This principle has proven itself in practice over more than 20 years and for many millions of square metres of installed INTELLO®.

INTELLO® offers excellent protection against structural damage: during the construction phase and also for the life-time of the building.

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