Sprayable Intelligent Air Barrier

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  • Sprayable airtightness sealant with a humidity-variable sd value
  • Reliable structures thanks to excellent adhesive properties
  • Can be plastered/painted over
  • Flexible use in indoor and protected outdoor areas thanks to its humidity-variable sd value
  • Excellent values in the hazardous substance test

For use as a humidity-variable vapour retarder and airtight layer that can be applied as a spray or using a brush on wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, such as non-plastered masonry or porous panel-form materials. AEROSANA® VISCONN can also be used:

• For creation of joints to components such as windows, roofs, walls, ceilings and floor
• For strengthening subsurfaces in the case of renovation
• On the interior and exterior of building components due to the product's humidity-variable diffusion resistance

AEROSANA® VISCONN is a high-quality, water-based acrylic dispersion paste that can be applied as a spray or using a brush. The sprayed-on liquid film forms a seamless, elastic air- tight and vapour-retarding protective layer once it has dried. Sticks to all standard construction materials, all pro clima membranes and membranes made from aluminium and paper.


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